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Experts assembled by WPP stay together to continue the mission with their own global offering named “Heresy”

Austin, TX—An award-winning team from Enfatico, the WPP-created global advertising agency that was established to service the Dell account globally, and dubbed “the world’s largest startup,” has launched their own multi-regional agency called Heresy (http://www.heresy.co). The founders include Josh Sklar (@chiefheretic), Enfatico’s former Global Creative Director / Director of Digital Strategy & Operations and, prior to those roles, the Chief Creative Officer of WPP Digital’s BLUE; John Lambie (@johnnylambie), Enfatico’s ex-US Regional Digital Creative Director and Bates141’s Asia Regional Digital CD; and Rob Mason, who was Director of Copy at the much written about Dell shop and a Senior Copywriter at McCann WorldGroup.

Along with many senior digital strategy, creative, and technical experts they have worked with at other agencies and on independent projects, the group has set out to create an environment that will benefit staff and clients alike. “We have been a part of extremely successful operations and pie-in-the-sky attempts of building new models for agencies at Enfatico and other places. What we’ve learned is that it is difficult to produce your best work under the intense scrutiny and direction of people with agendas that are tied to bottom lines far removed from our own. We believe being independent will allow us to concentrate to best effect toward innovation and, more importantly, quality — both for the pieces we produce and the state of our lives,” said Sklar, President of the agency.

“Brands have an obvious growing need, now more than ever, for agencies like ours that have a deep and real understanding of emerging media, new platforms, consumer mindsets, and how to put it all together in an intelligent, sustainable, and creative way,” added Mason.

The members of Heresy had a rich career in traditional advertising and marketing before helping to kick off the new media industry from 1994 where they worked in agencies helping brands such as Nokia, Visa, ESPN, Singapore Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Heineken find their way online and maintain leadership with efforts that garnered numerous awards. Heresy spent the first year of its existence focused on consulting with agencies, marketing organizations, and individuals to transition their traditional experience over to digital. The expanded offering provides creative direction and execution of integrated campaigns (print and digital), Web sites, apps, and collateral, along with brand and identity development, with personnel physically located in Austin, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Brisbane, Australia.

They have already had success convincing brands their model is a good one placing Blue Shield of California, Rutgers University’s “The 2012 Project,” Teshler Creative, Omnicom’s AvreaFoster, and a couple of hi-tech startups on their roster. They are also in talks to provide training, content and platform development for one of the largest brands in the world.

About Heresy

Heresy (www.heresy.co) is a virtual ad agency of award-winning creative professionals providing execution and strategy for companies/brands of any size. It offers solutions in digital strategy, brand strategy, creative direction, technical direction, content development, campaign development, site design, app design, and execution across all media. Additional services focus on helping traditional advertising and marketing professionals better understand digital platforms and emerging media. They include: workshops, master classes, mentoring and coaching, interviewing/screening candidates, performing evaluations of staff and process, discovery, recommendation reports, and writing/coordinating RFPs for projects that are principally digital.

Heresy is an independent shop that has offices in Austin Texas; San Francisco; New York City; London; Singapore; and Brisbane, Australia. Clients include: Blue Shield of California, Rutgers University’s “The 2012 Project,” WWPass, The Research Exchange, and agencies such as Omnicom’s AvreaFoster and Teshler Creative.

For more information, please contact:

United States:    Josh Sklar
Heresy Global:    josh@heresy.co

Singapore:    Mike Langton
Heresy Asia:    mike@heresy.co

Australia:    John Lambie
Heresy Pacific:    john@heresy.co

LinkedIn Company Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/company/heresy-llc

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